Many Western scientists try to prove or disprove the power and effectiveness of Chinese medical modalities. There’s a lot of doubt and skepticism specifically around Acupuncture. Many people who have heard of it would never try it due to skepticism. Results from variou...

A person with a fiery personality can be very active, outgoing and dynamic. The Fire element within our body deals with the communication and the relationship to other people. The heart is one of the organs in association with this element. The colloquial expression, “...

The Wood element and its energetics remind us of spring. To use one word – determination! In the spring all the seeds that hid underground during the winter months, spring up and grow toward the sky. Even on a cement sidewalk, we see small flowers breaking through, in...

The Water element refers to the water that comes down from the heavens, permeates the earth, and collects into the deep. It is dark and mysterious, and it is also the source of life. In Chinese medicine, water is our source, our forefathers and our next generation. The...

The ability to let go is related to the strength of the Metal element in our body. The lungs and the large intestine are the organs that correspond with the Metal element. These are the only two organs that open to the outside world, and allow for the release of waste...

“Mother Earth” is the metaphor of the Earth element. It is always giving, and nourishing. Therefore, the expression of the Earth element in our body is through the digestive system.

The Earth element’s corresponding organs are the Spleen (also Pancreas) and Stomach, whi...

Chinese medicine, in all its modalities, including classical acupuncture, herbal medicine, and massage have been around for a long time. It is a complete medical system that truly survived the test of time. But, if Chinese medicine is a complete modality of healing, wh...

Nutrition = food+digestion 

No matter how great our food is, if the digestive process is faulty, the body will not be able to fully breakdown and extract nutrients from our food. The digestive process does not start in the stomach. In Western Medicine it is known that d...

Here's a complaint I hear a lot in my practice:

"I don't understand. I watch what I eat, I don't really eat snacks, but I still have a lot of digestive issues."

We, as a society, obsess about WHAT to eat.  We forget about another - just as important - aspect of eating, w...

Did you know that your personality’s strength and weaknesses give you an insight into your health? Also, noticing your health issues can clue you in to your emotional tendencies, and vice versa.

The Chinese Medical system is based on the observation of nature. The ancie...

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