“I am feeling so much better! I woke up Wednesday morning feeling much more lucid, energetic and walking much better.I have greater feeling in my right leg. It doesn't drag as much and I have more strength! Thank you.” AJS


“Just wanted to let you know that my sinuses pretty much opened up right away and still are. Feels like when I sometimes use a medicated nasal spray. Woke up this morning with no back pain. I ran 3.5 miles and felt great afterwards. Sometime I feel weakness on that side.

I am in awe!” RB


“Cody’s presence is gentle and kind. During treatments his sensitivity and skill has provided a healing environment conducive for my personal growth. I have felt safe and relaxed, being able to explore what arises on many levels. Knowledge and intuition along with an openness to understand my process seems to guide him. I look forward to each treatment and highly recommend Cody’s acupuncture work to anyone. His holistic and personal approach where he provides what I need, certainly works for me.”  FB


“I have been battling with depression since 1981. About two years ago at a job I love, my agency was taken over by another and the new culture and mandates clashed so with my value system that I became ill, my immune system collapsed. I took four months of medical leave before I was well enough to return. That return was after I put my health in cody's hands. There are still many areas of chaos in my life but what’s different today is, while chaos, troubles and life are in my life and the world, it's not “IN” me. I just see chaos and am able to powerfully observe without getting hooked into it. While I have enjoyed periods of freedom from depression, groundedness and even peace before, I have never been more content in my life. Never as in not even close. Clearly to me, my yin is yinging at the perfect amplitude to my yanging yang and vice-versa. Thanks Cody”  ML