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Primary Channels - 24"x36" Poster
  • Primary Channels - 24"x36" Poster

    Designed by Cody, this single-sided, full-color poster was inspired by the design of the New York City subway map. This unique diagram is a fun and complete acupuncture chart unlike any other.

    • Details

      Illustrating ancient wisdom in the style of modern convenience, this map highlights the general meridian pathways and acupoint locations along the surface anatomy of the body, including the elemental and antique points. The 12 pathways are distinguished by colors in the style of subway lines on a metro map, with a detailed key describing the delineations of the different points along each path. The full color illustrations depict front and back views, plus secondary illustrations of the ear, under the arm, and the side of the foot.
    29.99 ₪מחיר
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