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What is your "I" experience?

This is where you clicked to read more about who
I am, right? But let’s start with you.

Would you please answer the question:
I am ____?

(Pause. I’ll wait…)


I am…

Just a few small words that have the power to block people. But actually the three words reveal the block, not create it.

Let me explain.

I am Cody. That’s one “am” in my life that could fill that blank. Anything that would fill the blank is subject to change.

Take any one moment of time and the blank would likely be different.
I am Israeli.

I am a teacher.

I am a man.

I am a woman.

I am also Morrocan.

I’m gay.

I am a New Yorker.

I am a student.

No wonder the blank seems impossible to fill.
Because it is.

Change is part of life.

 There are many mes, and the me of old may not be here anymore. 
I'm always changing.

I studied Chinese medicine in New York where I lived for over twenty years.

I was traveling to study graphic design, and one day I heard the word Acupuncture.

I completed my studies at the school of Geoffrey Yuan, a monk of an ancient Daoist lineage that preserves medical tradition and oral knowledge. From him I learned that every pain has a solution, and that the body does not make mistakes.

I believe that everyone can listen to their body, and deep down knows how to heal themselves. I believe that you don't "need" me. I believe I can help.

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