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The complete channel system

The 12 Primary channels are only one of five energy channel systems in the body.
The complete channel system includes the Sinew channels (TMM), Luo, Primary, Divergent, and Eight Extraordinary channels. These channels connect the three layers of energy found in the body - the Wei, Ying, Yuan levels.


In the course we will delve into the physiological function of each system, the pathology formation mechanism that characterizes each system and how it is expressed in the pulse and in symptoms. We will deepen our understanding through which channels emotional pathologies, chronic, autoimmune, and hereditary diseases can be treated.
We will discuss the somatic connection between these diseases and congenital, mental, spiritual and emotional patterns.

We will also learn the method of diagnosis and acupuncture for each of the systems.

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Next course: September 2023

מערכת הערוצים השלמה - פברואר 2024
שאן האן לונג

טיפול Gui - לפי מסורת סן סי מאו
הבחנת דופק דינמית
קורס מתקדם - הערוצים המסתעפים

What do
students say?

I encountered the channel theory at a time when I was in a professional crisis.
For several years I've searched for an answer to complex cases that showed up in clinic. I was looking for results and depth with the tools I had from school.
In practice, I found a big gap between the philosophy I learned - which was evidently rich, and what I was able to do in my clinic.

The channel theory is a full and complete theory. which contains a vast knowledge about the evolution of pathology in the body.
Cody teaches the pathways and how to work with them wonderfully,
simply and clearly, making the deep and complex knowledge
accessible and applicable to clinic.
For me, this tool was and still is, transformative for patients: to change
things from the root, change their perspective to life, in experiencing
the world, in the karmic experience, and more.

Highly recommend.

Tal Reshef Brafman

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