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the healing process

Are you walking in the world with inspiration to do what you are meant to do in this lifetime?
Accepting everything that comes your way
in a surrendering and creative manner?

This way of life comes from a deep sense of self love.
By accepting that inherently nothing is wrong here.

Ancient Chinese medicine looks at the body as whole and perfect.
The mind, consciousness, emotions, and body are not separated.

Everything that happens to you affects your body, physically and mentally.


Chinese medicine is not interested in the names of diseases, and a good therapist
does not treat the symptoms.

Each patient has a different background and different influences. Therefore, it is not possible to treat everyone in the same way.


Together, through an in-depth and seemingly unrelated conversation, we will discover what caused your pain to appear. Together we will find out what you should change, leave, or accept in order to resolve your illness.

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