The ability to let go is related to the strength of the Metal element in our body. The lungs and the large intestine are the organs that correspond with the Metal element. These are the only two organs that open to the outside world, and allow for the release of waste...

Nutrition = food+digestion 

No matter how great our food is, if the digestive process is faulty, the body will not be able to fully breakdown and extract nutrients from our food. The digestive process does not start in the stomach. In Western Medicine it is known that d...

Here's a complaint I hear a lot in my practice:

"I don't understand. I watch what I eat, I don't really eat snacks, but I still have a lot of digestive issues."

We, as a society, obsess about WHAT to eat.  We forget about another - just as important - aspect of eating, w...

Recently, increasing awareness around food is causing a shift in the way we look at what we put on our plates. There is a shift toward consumption of organically grown produce, grass fed and free-range meat, which are both very important to our health. But is simply bu...

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