Why Classical Acupuncture?


If you’re here, there’s a reason. You’re either dealing with a health situation that you haven’t been able to get treated to your satisfaction, or you’re just plain psyched to try classical acupuncture. Have you ever been frustrated in trying to get treatment for an illness or condition, running from specialist to specialist, ultimately alone in trying to determine which one might find the source of what’s wrong? That is solely a western phenomenon. You are probably ready to visit Internal Alchemy.


Classical Acupuncture is extraordinarily effective. In the western culture, it is not viewed as scientific, but consider that this is because western science and western medicine were developed side by side. Acupuncture has stood the test of thousands of years; it simply isn’t compatible with the western system of measurement. Western medicine treats, essentially, symptoms and ailments. Acupuncture treats people. Acupuncture works in a system of meridians. The meridians are vessels of energy, much like arteries are vessels of blood. The Qi is the energy itself, and it flows through the the meridian. The acupuncture points are the access to the meridians.


So, a needle into an acupuncture point connects to the entire meridian. Several needles along the same meridian will powerfully affect that energy. If energy is blocked, it can unblock it. Balance is restored, and healing happens.This is just one aspect of the whole picture. It’s the part we’re most familiar with; the needles. Needles are the delivery system in acupuncture. You barely feel them—just a pressure where they are activating energy. The needles themselves are the size of 1-2 human hairs. You really don’t experience the “puncture” in acupuncture. The needles are sterile and appropriately disposed of, always.