There is a saying in ancient medical Chinese writings, “Disease is like a stain; no matter how long it’s been, a skilled hand can still wash it away.”

Internal Alchemy was founded by Cody, born of his commitment that every person have access to outstanding and conscientious holistic care, ultimately expanding the reach of acupuncture.

Unlike the Western premise of “specialty,” Chinese medicine looks at the human body—and that includes the human. He talks to you about everything you have going on, physically and otherwise, and is highly skilled in identifying what part of your body system has stopped working, or is working insufficiently. Chinese medicine does not name disease, as it does not treat disease.

That said, the people Cody treats have been given a range of the following western diagnoses: Fibromyalgia, KI failure, Hashimoto, “stress”, torn ligaments, adrenal fatigue, addiction, GERD, infertility, cancer, insomnia, MS.

Cody believes absolutely that there is no condition that cannot be reversed, and that every person can be balanced and healthful.